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Lyman High class of 1970  Starting our 15th continuous year on the Wide World Web

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Class of 1969 was the
last class to graduate
in the "Old Lyman

Class of 1970 was the
first class to graduate in
the new Lyman High

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Welcome  -  Lyman High Class of 1970

30th Class Reunion was held Aug 2000 - next 50th Aug 2020

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The Dancing Lyman Twins -  Can you help us locate Missing Classmates?  Kristian Aalberg - Linda (Ackerman) Evans - William Adams - Jeffrey B. Adamson - Susan Aikens - Marian C. Anderson - Robert Baldwin -- George Barnes ?  Next Reunion Scheduled for 2010 The Dancing Lyman Twins [Murry and Joe] Can you help us locate Missing Classmates? Denise Audrey Barron - Lenora (Bath) Hill - Ron Battle - David Beique Lyman Gary Benefield - Diana Lynn Boone - Diane (Boothe) - Taylor Robert Bowers - John Lee Brown - Lula (Butler) Stephens  

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Class of 1971


Lyman Teachers 1970

Class of 1969 announce their 40th Class Reunion


Real progress this week! We are now locked in at University Club in Winter Park. Judy Eller Jaeb was our angel; she took care of the contract and fronted the deposit!


Class of 1969 Reunion Pictures from 2004

Howard Charles Lyman, and his wife, Emma Abbott Lyman, first arrived in the area in the early 1900s. They were invited by former Congressman Charles Haines to winter in Florida at his retreat along Lake Orienta. Soon, the couple became actively involved in the political and social aspects of the community.

A few years after Seminole County separated from Orange County, the Lymans and other Altamonte residents voted to incorporate the Town of Altamonte Springs on November 11, 1920. In the years 1922-1923, with the increasing population of Special Tax District No. 3, it became apparent that better school facilities were going to be necessary, as the small

two-teacher buildings at Altamonte and Longwood were no longer adequate. Read More

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1970 Lyman Year Book

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Lyman High School class 1970
30th Class Reunion 20000




Lyman High - Can you help us find Missing Classmates? Clarence Cain - Charles Callahan - Susan (Carter) Hasty - Christi Lynn Castle - Sandra (Checky) Hochaschild - Donald Clark - Kathy Jo Clark - Lori Jean Coleman - Dan Collins - Richard K. Conley - Connie Connelly - Larry M. Cote   - Hiram F. Cox - Sharon (Cronk) Nicholson - Frank Crout - Bruce DeBeer - Linda (Delillo) Mann ....

Class Reunion was held August 19, 2000 - Married The Longest - Mike Griffin and Kathy Hudson Griffin - 29 years. Most Children - Janis Pope Spalding - 8 children. Came The Furthest - Tanner Girard from Jacksonville, Illinois. Changed The Most - Janice Bigelow Casserino. Changed The Least - Bruce Knoechel.

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